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May 18, 2022 - BY Admin


PLN Tanjung Jati B Generation Main Unit (PLN UIK TJB) located in Jepara, Central Java has a National Vital Object, namely the Tanjung Jati B PLTU/TJB PLTU. PLTU TJB Units 1 to 4, which operates using coal, produces an electric power capacity of 4 x 7 MW or supports around 12 percent of electricity needs in Java-Bali.

"PLTU TJB has been managed efficiently, safely, friendly an cares for the environment. by applying the latest technology in handling FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization) emissions, it is able to take adventage of the economic advantages of coal as a cheap but environmentally friendly fuel. PLTU TJB is one of the world's best PLTU according to Power Magazine," said AGP Corporate Secretary, Denny Hendri Wijaya in Jakarta, Friday (7/4/23).

Apart from that, he continued, PLN UIK TJB had achieved tha achievement of receiving an award from the government "Hattrick" Gold Corporate Performance Rating Program (Proper) three times in a row starting from 2019-2021. Gold Proper is the highest award from the assessment as proof of the company's ongoing efforts in the environmental field, to innovate in the aspect of community empowerment, which means that the company has implemented environmental management in a comprehensive and sustainable manner. PLTU TJB is considered to have succeeded in innovating by optimizing the utilization of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash (FABA) and reducing up to 126 thousand m2 of demineralized water consumption each year.

"In terms of security of supply, PLN UIK TJB carries out a very tight supply chain, starting from stock piles, ship arrival schedules to coal unloading at PLTU TJB," he added.

In accordance with Shipping Law No. 17 of 2008 concerning port management must have a Port Business Entity permit (BUP), then PLN UIK TJB which has contracted with PT Adhi Guna Putera (PT AGP) which has obtained a BUP permit based on Minister of Transportation Decree No. KP 762 of 2012 dated 30 July 2012, so that PT AGP has fulfilled the requirements to support special port/terminal services at PLTU owned by PLN.

"PT AGP got a contract with PLN UIK TJB to operate 3 (Three) Tug Boats (Harbor Tug Boat). As a PLN affiliate, PT AGP is working with Pertamina (BUMN Synergy) to Supply HSD Supplies to 3 Tug Boats," He Explained.

For example, on March 27 2023 several Pertamina Patra Niaga HSD tank fleets carried out the work of filling Industrial HSD of 8,000 Liters, according to the official document from Pertamina Patra Niaga Loading Order (LO) dated March 27 2023 Delivery note number/date:8092090919/27.03.2023, Customer's PO number : 8918800000617486, Order number/date : 4024150854/27.03.2023 each time delivery. Considering that the need for fuel for 3 Tug Boats is a significant cost component.

"Through the cooperation of PT AGP with Pertamina Patra Niaga as a supplier of HSD, it is hoped that the security of supply of coal for PLTU TJB Units 1 to 4 will run safely and smoothly,"