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The loading and unloading of goods is a business activity engaged in the loading and unloading of goods from and to ships at the port.

Scope of work :


Work unloading goods from ships to docks/barges/trucks or loading goods from docks/barges/trucks into ships until they are arranged in the ship's hold by using ship cranes or land cranes.


The work of releasing goods slings/nets from the cargo hook of the ship at the dock and moving the goods (ex tackle) from the dock to the warehouse/stacking yard, then arranging the warehouse/field or vice versa.


The work of receiving goods in the warehouse/stack yard and handing over the goods to the receiving truck for unloaded cargo, on the other hand, for cargo to be loaded onto the ship, it is handed over to the ship.

(The responsibility of PBM is if the unloaded cargo reaches the chassis of the receiving truck, if the cargo is loaded until it is neatly arranged in the ship's hold).